Why Choose Detailed Cleaning Service?

Let our cleaning service program suit your individual needs and your budget.
Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly service, or just one-time only service, you can count on
DETAILED CLEANING SERVICE  for top-notch cleaning at reasonable rates.

Our family has served the janitorial needs of the City of Salinas, Ca since 1989. We have a valuable
reputation of being honest & reliable, which is one of the most highly valued skills in the cleaning
business industry, next to the cleaning itself. In your office, cleaning will always be done by the
SAME PERSON or PERSONS. That's Reliability!

Did you know that many cleaning companies operating today have no business license nor do they have
       a legitimate operating cleaning business with janitorial insurance? If you have a cleaning service that
       does not have a business license nor janitorial insurance, your company could be liable for fines
       extending from personal injury, worker compensation fines, state & federal taxes, and penalties from the
CALIF.department of the EDD.  Our company is fully approved by the CALIF. department of  EDD, the
state of CALIF. and by the CITY OF SALINAS. With DETAILED CLEANING SERVICE,  you can have
"peace of mind" because you are FULLY PROTECTED.

Having DETAILED CLEANING SERVICE clean your business, your company does not have to pay for
expenses from: health insurance, workers compensation, nor the paying of state or federal taxes. All
these expenses are what cost your company if you had an employee doing the cleaning for your
Detailed Cleaning Service

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